Birds Of Prey

"Bird of Prey, raptor, raptorial bird -- (any of numerous carnivorous birds that hunt and kill other animals)"

All Birds of Prey possess excellent eye sight and extremely sharp claws. Depending on its species a Bird of Prey may hunt arial game or small mammals, in daylight or at night. Many species are very fast and manouverable, getting to speeds of up to 60mph when in a downward stoop.

Photo Gallery

Our Hawks - Click image to enlarge


Our Eagles - Click image to enlarge
American Bald Eagle Bald Eagle


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Our Falcons - Click image to enlarge
Peregrine Falcon Kestrel Falcon
PBS Video - The Peregine Falcon's Stoop


Educational & Seminar Pictures

Our Birds & Dogs go "Hollywood"


Movie Gallery
  1. Bird Bath
  2. See Our Birds in Action
  3. Our Dogs chasing Geese from Landfill (Dogs in Water)
  4. Dogs chasing Geese on Land
  5. Pyrotechnics at a Landfill
  6. Hawkeye Bird in Music Video

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