Please provide us with as much information as possible and read the terms and conditions for animal control services.

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You, as the client, have the option to chose which control method is used to dispose of the animal. Please read and select below.

Available Control Methods
Live Release (A) The animal may be relocated live less than 1.0km away and client risks the chance of its return.
Licensed removal (B) The animal is disposed in the manner stated in fur bearer license and guaranteed to never return. In contrast to almost all other Ontario animal/pest control companies/operators, HAWKEYE's license under The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (MNR) as a licensed fur bearer trapper give Hawkeye this unique option and advantage.
Control Method
Animal Trapping

Hawkeye/Client shared responsibility:
This is the more economic option. The client has the responsibility to notify Hawkeye if an animal has come in contact with the trap. The client is responsible for inspection of the trap 2x a day.


The number of sighted pest animals determines the number of traps required (see Number of animals).

2 traps = $150.00* Installation | $150.00* Pickup | $150.00* Each service call thereafter
Contract Minimum Charge: $299.00 plus GST.
All repairs are charged extra and will be quoted upon arrival/inspection.

4 traps = $187.50* Installation | $187.50* Pickup | $187.50* Each service call thereafter
Contract Minimum Charge: $375.00 plus GST.
All repairs are charged extra and will be quoted upon arrival/inspection.

Please note: Corporate/commercial/industrial/government contracts, where traps may have to be left year round, are negotiable. Please call us for details.

Animal Notes



If you have pictures of the animal's entry point and/or damages you may upload up to 2 photos (file size no larger than 1MB) here.

Please note: Image/File names must NOT contain spaces and should be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.



Terms & Conditions for animal trapping and release/removal
  1. The number of visits are estimated and are based on inspection as well as experience judging the time of year weather and migration patterns, type of operation and so on.
  2. Our quote shall be valid for a period of 14 days
  3. All tainted or public feeding must be discouraged and/or halted.
  4. Easy access is required to all problem locations.
  5. Unless specified this does not include any clean up or repairs.
  6. Since we work in conjunction with animals, the client must realize that there are no absolutes or guarantees in the field of animal/bird control.
  7. We must work around weather conditions and the mating/roosting habits of animals.
  8. You, the client, its agents, subcontractors and visitors, holds harmless & agree to indemnify Hawkeye and all of its agents,employees, subcontractors, as well as Mr. Diran Frankian and Mrs. Onita Dey for any and all damages, costs liens, claims, liability, suits and/or expenses in their performance of their duties as well as from the use of the area including without limitation those arising from damage or injury caused to third persons and their property.
  9. Free parking for servicing is required.
  10. Terms are paid by Credit card reservation hold or in Cash but full payment before job start.
  11. Hawkeye would like all communications to come thru operations, Contractors and employees of hawkeye are not be contacted by the customer directly and are exclusively for Hawkeye use.
  12. Staff or contractors are not to be lured/accepted/to work directly for the client.
  13. Should traps be required for more than one month, a monthly rental fee of $39.95 per trap per month will be added to your invoice.


Guarantee When chosing Licensed Removal (B), Hawkeye guarantees the captured animal will never return to your premises.
Payment We accept payment through Paypal, or
you may call us at 416-429-5393 with your valid credit card number and expiry date.
We accept We accept Visa and Mastercard
Note The information contained herein as well as all contracts and correspondence are real and valid assets of Hawkeye. You must obtain proper written approval from Hawkeye before disclosing or reproducing in whole or in part materials from these confidential documents as well as material containing our name and/or logo. Hawkeye is owned by Hawkeye Bird Control Inc.

I hereby certify that I am authorized to request animal control services above, that I have completed this work order to the best of my knowlege, and that I understand/agree to the terms and conditions above.



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