Pest Animals and Wildlife Identification


This section of the Hawkeye website allows you to identify the species of animals that you may be encountering as well as learn about the common health hazards and physical damage associated with pest animals and wildlife.

Indetifying the wildlife/pest animal causing damage

This is the first step in solving your animal / wildlife removal and control issue. There are a number of animals that we deal with on a regular basis. Please click on the appropriate link on the left for more detailed information or check our suggestions to common problems and complaints below:


Animal activity under stairs or deck: What could it be?

Typically skunks and groundhogs dig their way underneath such structures in search of a denning site. Raccoons, too will sometimes find their way underneath a deck or structure that is slightly raised, although they prefer to nest up high and are not burrowers, when times are tough they will do a little digging if necessary to squeeze underneath something in order to create a home. If you notice activity during the daytime then it is likely a groundhog. If activity is at night then it is more likely a skunk as they are nocturnal.
See Skunk, Groundhog, and Raccoon


Audible animal activity in the attic or wall space

Often you will be dealing with either a squirrel or a raccoon, depending on the time of day or night or the type of noise. Squirrels are active throughout the day, so typically you will hear scratching and running around off and on during the day and sometimes into the early evening. Whereas, since raccoons are nocturnal, it's normally quiet throughout the day, with activity increasing at night, such as thumping sounds as they leave for "dinner" around 10:00pm and return around dawn. Animals such as squirrels and raccoons gain entry into a roof through a weak spot or opening in a soffit or facia, loose shingles, a roof or gable vent or where two roofs intersect, either in late fall as a warm winter den or in early spring as a safe haven to birth their young. In fact, if the disturbance occurs any time between March 1st and October 1st, it should be assumed it is a mother with her offspring.
See Squirrel and Raccoon


What animals are prone to getting into waste containers?

If not in search of shelter, the other main attraction for an animal to visit your property is for a food source. Skunks and raccoons are very opportunistic animals, so they are the usual suspects to take advantage of garbage being left out, or uncontained. More of a concern in rural areas, bears have also been known to be quite a nuisance. Damage attributed to a either a raccoon or bear can be verified by actually seeing the animal cause damage or by other on-site evidence of its presence (tracks, feces).
See Bear, Raccoon, and Skunk

Who's digging up the landscape?

During the spring and fall months it is common for both raccoons and skunks to dig up lawns, flower beds, and planters. The animals are foraging for grubs living in the soil. Grubs are cyclical and during the above months they are near the surface feeding on roots. Skunks and raccoons can detect these grubs and will actively dig for them.
See Raccoon and Skunk


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